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Andrew Deutsch :: Lung Cleaner

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Andrew Deutsch
Lung Cleaner

I created Lung Cleaner for Eric Lanzillotta when he was sick with a serious lung infection which lasted for months. I hoped to help him recover by imagining a "sonic cure", an "art pill". The work continued after his illness and the notion of using metaphor as a compositional starting point has, at this time, formed the basis for all my sonic research and composition.

Some other points of departure:
Digital structuralism, modular systemic processing, solitary parameter based interactive performance, image drones, contextual music, glaze/kiln music, analog/digital hybrids, granular synthesis, headphones, time grafting, modular synthesis, micro tonal clusters, moment clusters, destructive improvisational editing, rate of change patterns, logarithmic processing, filters, time sweeps, restricted randomization patterns, Iannis Xenakis, Merzbow, John Cage, and Gyorgy Ligeti.

Source materials included: wine glasses, baby toys, pure tones, bells, music boxes, gears, water, etc...track 2: "Dizzy From the Cold Meds" contains samples of 3 unpublished early electronic works by Pauline Oliveros dating from around 1966.

track 2: "Dizzy From the Cold Meds" contains samples of 3 unpublished early electronic works by Pauline Oliveros dating from around 1966.

sounds, images & design: Deutsch
Special thanks to Eric Lanzillotta, Rachael Jackson, Jennifer Dworak, and Sawako Kato.

edition of 1000 copies
Please note: the cover and label wrongly show catalog number as NOM26

Musician and educator Andrew Deutsch, who has collaborated regularly with Pauline Oliveros among many others, presents an interesting thesis on digital art in his sleeve notes. He posits that the listener's focus switches back and forth between the sound heard and the means by which it is created, and that the temporal variations in this process thus make for a new experience on each hearing. I would contend that much of the 'process' of Lung Cleaner is so opaque, so absolute, that one simply submits to it as sound. This is certainly true of his more static drone work, listening to which is much more a sensuous, even psychedelic experience than a conceptual one. When he reveals his sources more openly, be they sounds made by baby toys or samples of some early electronic work by Oliveros, his meticulous control of a huge variety of systems then brought to bear on the material is evident. - Keith Moline in The Wire issue 243 May 2004

The name Andrew Deutsch I saw before, but I don't think I ever heard his work before. This CD was made for Eric Lanzillotta (Anomalous Records boss) when he was sick, suffering from a serious lung infection. Deutsch is a computer musician, who feeds his source material (in this case: wine glasses, baby toys, pure tones, bells, music boxes, water etc.) into the computer to create his music. Among his influences he cites John Cage, Gyorgy Ligeti but also Merzbow. The latters influence is not very present, I think. Although it's not stated on the cover, I think Deutsch uses a lot of Max/MSP processing on his music. So far so good, but I couldn't say that the music did much for me. The four long pieces on this disc, seemed to me rather haphazard put together sounds, seemingely put together without too much notion of any compositional structure. Things didn't seem to come from nowhere, nor did they go anywhere. Except for the final piece, 'Sleep Fields (Go To Sleep)', which lulls the listener into sleep via an ever continueing crescendo. - Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly 413

compared to his last year's anomalous's 'electronic garden' cd (where music boxes sounds were utilized as source) over here andrew pops with another fine recording this time utilizing a hell of sources even samples of 3 previously unpublished pauline oliveiros tracks from the mid 60's offers us 4 pieces where we get a skilful & captivating electroacoustic music that left some truly great impressions to me upon this musical trip's end. guess there are more surprises to experience from andrew in the future and still as I've said before if you are still foxed of which of all of his releases to check or use as a guide to start with (a hell of cdrs is available of his you see) then don't hesitate to start with his anomalous releases personally wouldn't find a better starting point to recommend. -
Nicolas in absurdities#10

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