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Sunao Inami - C.U.E. Records
C.U.E. Compilation 1

CUE-1 CD, $16.00
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C.U.E. Compilation 2


CUE-2 CD, $16.00
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An Impulse of Acoustic
CUE-3 CD, $16.00
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Akamatsu / Inami / Ishigami
CUE-4 CD, $16.00
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CUE-5 CD, $16.00
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CUE-6 CD, $16.00
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C.U.E. Compilation 3

CUE-7 CD, $16.00
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Rolf Julius
White - Yellow - Black

CUE-8 CD, $16.00
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Kobe Underground Festival

CUE-9 CD, $16.00
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Also offering selected titles from various sources including Ants, oaksmus, Frog Peak, Anomalous, Nonsequitur, Animul, GD Stereo labels and Anna Homler.
Sound of Pig Cassette Mail Order Catalogue Sound of Pig - SOP Cassette Mail Order Catalogue features hundreds of titles!
Sound of Pig (SOP) cassettes are back! From the early 1980's through the 90's, Al Margolis earned the title "Cassette Godfather" with his Sound of Pig cassette label by releasing tapes and distributing them through a growing DIY music underground. Releases include Amy Denio, Illusion of Safety, Al Margolis, Merzbow, Jim O'Rourke, and many others.   Read more SOP history  |  View the SOP Catalogue
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