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Decibel - Stasis EcstaticDecibel - Stasis Ecstatic

DNM - LP, $15.00
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'Stasis Ecstatic' features new works performed by Perth new music ensemble Decibel. Led by artistic director Cat Hope, Decibel is unusual in the new music world for the way they blend the aesthetic of classical music experimentation with noise, sound art and song like sensibilities.
This gatefold album, with elegant design and artwork by When Studio, features six tracks by Australian composers, and comes with a 6 page booklet that features introductions to the pieces contributed by the composers themselves, accompanying photos, drawings and two essays. In addition to works by WA composers Hope, Lindsay Vickery, Stuart James and Malcolm Riddoch, there is a track by Julian Day (NSW) and the debut recording release of Alan Lamb's 'Infinity Machine', an instrument made for Decibel by Lamb and performed by Stuart James. Mixed and mastered at Sound Field Studios. Each album comes with a download code for digital copy.
Decibel won the APRA|AMC Inaugural Award for Excellence in Experimental Music¬ in 2010.

The Styrenes - City of Women

Bone-3010-2 CD, $14.99
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Paul Marotta is an early riser - 5:30 isn’t unusual. The man couldn’t be further away from the cliché of a wild rock and roll animal. But that’s completely in character as the new album from Marotta’s band, The Styrenes, is anything but a cliché. Hard, rough, mean, unwashed, and slightly verminous; with bad breath and nicotine teeth, City of Women is the kind of rock record we haven’t heard in a long time.

The buzzsaw guitar snips away at the body of a song, nagging and spitting, and the next minute it’s a tiny little melody that’s neat as a pin. Bass and drums swoop and rumble, the vocals are broken, like they’ve got screws in their jaws. The Eric Burdon & The Animals’ classic When I Was Young is hardly recognizable, engaging and expressive, while dispensing with the romantic veneer of the original. Agitated is a malicious bark. I Wish I Was High is pure fed up with life, and Mr. Handsome is that really unpleasant guy – a fatal attraction – the one we all have to encounter sooner or later.

Bright lights and long shadows, pills and booze, love, alienation, and pure desperation, and (heavens, no) maybe even something about your personal life. These Styrenes can be cunning. Most of the songs were written by the New York based singer-songwriter Tom Warnick. Marotta recalls, “We shared a bill once with Tom’s band, and I found myself humming his tunes all the way home. So we recorded a bunch of our favorites. And then added a few tunes that we’d been playing live for years but hadn’t gotten around to recording”. The Styrenes’ knack for turning most anything into pure and straight energy keeps this cozy little trip from going straight to hell. These guys aren’t youngsters and there’s enough experience between them to create what might seem like an impossible blend of urban rocksong, art-wave/art-punk, maybe even some glam, in a consistent, consciously artistic manner. The concept is simple, sophisticated music with punk energy. No beer-filled sports fans chanting, no pseudo-provocative nostalgia, no post-punk jigs. But something complex and truthful, something both thought provoking and visceral. And then, just when you think you’ve got it, the album takes another left turn.

This City of Women may not be an affable place, but it sure is alive. - Rolf Jager, May 2007

Ravenheart Mysteria

Her face among the shadows

RAVEN43 CD, 13.99
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Next dashing dark ambient album from Objekt4 "Her Face Among the Shadows" including new never released 4 bonus songs" Each track starts with gently undulating tones, building on that base and adding swirling mists of sound and menacing atmosphere that ultimately increases in anxiety. Dark horror, thriller soundtrack andcombination of menacing atmosphere...drones build before crashing beast and heavy bass. Rhytmic and frame-chaotic and desperate trip to other side of light!

Sound Off

John Rose - Violin Factory

Typewriting Aloud - Typoxxs Allowed
Galéria umenia, Nové Zámky (SOUND OFF 2002, Slovakia), Nov. 28 - Dec. 13

SO-1 CD, $16.00
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Featuring works by The Lazy Anarchists, tEoRia OtraSu, Gen Ken Montgomery, Jozef Cseres, Paul Panhuysen,
Carl Stone, Brandon LaBelle, Adnan Balcinovic, én, Michael Delia, S.K.Y., Peter Strickland, gal and Al Margolis.

And then there are..
Guy De Bièvre

Manhattan [linear, circular, lateral]

DG-1 CD, $10.00
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This CD is one of the results of two years of research on pitch phenomena in the urban soundscape. It can be heard as a sonorous scale model of the city.

Guy De Bièvre (born in Brussels, 1961) is a self-taught composer, musician, theoretician, sound engineer and sound designer. And a really nice guy.

Bending the Tonic

DG-2 CD, $18.00 (2 CDs)
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Bending the Tonic by Guy De Bièvre is a blues in 144 bars or what happens when you read Schoenberg while listening to Bukka White. In analogy to the movie 'Fantastic Voyage' (1966), the musicians are miniaturized on a temporal and on a vertical harmonic scale and injected into 12 standard blues bars.

Very Slow Disco Suite

DG-3 CD, $14.00
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The Very Slow Disco Suite by Guy De Bièvre is a musical exploration of extremely slowed down disco music. I found that slowing down (preferably simple) musical events causes otherwise very discrete properties to emerge.
Three musicians and a microcontroller are the explorers of the score and of the material that runs as a backing track. The microcontroller is hereby the central arranger.

Jon Rose -
Hermes Records
That world-traveling, multi-stringed, musician, composer and inventor, Jon Rose, consistently surprises and
delights us with more mutant string manipulations.

John Rose - Violin Factory

Violin Factory
An interactive new media performace.

Slovakian import CD

JR-2 CD, $14.00
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with Kaffe Matthews & The Orchestra of Ancient Guts (Vienna) Theresa Schütz, Diana Kiendl, Alexander Eberhard, Isabelle Frodl, Christine Pawlik, Tobias Stosiek, Karin Schlechta, Petra Ackermann, Melissa Coleman, Elisabeth Harringer, Margit Slosser, Christoph Rothaler, Arthur Krachler, Levan Pagava, Tony Burger, Aileen Dullaghan, Wang - Yü Ko, Michael Trabesing, Il-Se-Ling, Luis Morais, Andrew Roots, Michael Pistelok, Mirek Walega, Ciro Vigilaute, Yuko Aragaki
Hermes, 2001

Tachyon - Tachyon, Cero Records - TC-1-CD
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Heinz Malcher K. - Vacaciones por el Perimetro, Cero Records - MH-1-CD
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Andres De Robina - Reflexion alternativa del Son Jarocho, Cero Records - RA-1-CD
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Sound of Pig (SOP) cassettes are back! From the early 1980's through the 90's, Al Margolis earned the title "Cassette Godfather" with his Sound of Pig cassette label by releasing tapes and distributing them through a growing DIY music underground. Releases include Amy Denio, Illusion of Safety, Al Margolis, Merzbow, Jim O'Rourke, and many others.   Read more SOP history  |  View the SOP Catalogue
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