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Pogus Productions features releases of Electronic, Electro-Acoustic, and Experimental music. Uncompromising, non-commercial, and definitely not for everyone (unfortunately), these releases are geared towards discerning listeners.

September releases - 2 cd set of works by Australian composer Ron Nagorcka, Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art featuring works from 1973 to 2006 and Triple Point - Phase/Transitions, 39 works on this 3 cd set by Pauline Oliveros, Doug Van Nort and Jonas Braasch.

Summer Release - A 2 cd set by David Rosenboom - his massive work Zones of Influence, featuring percussionist William Winant

It has been a busy beginning to 2014, with 3 new releases in the first 3 months - by Peter Batchelor, Secluded Bronte and Robin Hayward. So we at Pogus certainly hope that others will share our excitement of having these projects out in the world.

And just a short note on the new style packaging. As the cd business continues to fall apart, in an effort to contain costs in the face of seriously declining sales, the brochure style booklets allow Pogus some much needed flexibility: both financially and in inventory maintenance.

Pogus thanks any and all who continue to support us.

Sound American
has recently posted Issue #7, The Deep Listening Issue, nice Q & A and even has a Pogus mixtape.

We are also trying something new here as well. This release can be listened to (mp3 version) on Soundcloud- So if you want to give a listen, go ahead.

And of course I would be remiss not to invite you to listen to some If, Bwana things: not on Pogus..but what the hell. These are works from 2010 and 2012 in Topolo, Italy:

Video of Experimenta 4 performance: with Leslie Ross on bassoon - Katherine Liberovskaya did live video that evening:

The following 3 are reissue with bonus material of Organs Life cassette (SOP 166)

And you can follow the further adventures of If, Bwana on the site....

Nice Label review on Tokafi

If,Bwana - Assemble.Age! released on Mutable, check it out and read the review on Paris Transatlantic

"Grindstone Redux" has found a new home at Snag Films where it is being shown via live streaming.

NEW CD releases
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  • A Bit of Alright

    Pogus offers titles from the following labels:

  • Anna Homler (Intermedia artist)
  • Ants (Italian based CD label)
  • Animul (Creative Music Productions by Ned Rothenberg)
  • Anoema (Finland based CD label)
  • Anomalous Records (experimental, abstract, surreal)
  • C.U.E. Records (Sunao Inami)
  • Frog Peak (A composer's collective)
  • GD Stereo (Combining music and architecture through psychogeography)
  • Nonsequitur (Wide range of adventurous music and sound art)
  • Oaksmus (Berlin based CD distrubutor)
  • plus some other goodies here

  • Reviews

    Articles, Reviews, and Interviews

    If, Bwana and Whorelovsky - WTM #1098: wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 more from Bart Plantenga

    Feature Interview - 15 Questions to Al Margolis / If,Bwana - Tokafi, 11/10

    Interview - I, Angelica - If, Bwana / Al Margolis The Wire (UK)#221 Summer 2002.

    Dan Warburton has written a nice piece for If,Bwana on Paris Transatlantic

    More Margolis

    If,Bwana All original compositions performed by a host of musicians producing sounds from the mundane to the sublime. Read a little history.

    Video highlight of Pogus Productions Showcase at One Thousand Pulses II on February 20th, featuring Tom Hamilton, Al Margolis and Jackie Martelle on YouTube

    A new and ongoing collaboration with Doug Van Nort... Live Outakes

    Read the tour diary from le grande tour, summer of 2010

    new releases

    Triple Point

    Triple Point - Phase/Transitions
    Pogus CD 21078-2

    "Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art"
    Ron Nagorcka

    Ron Nagorcka - Atom Bomb Becomes Folk Art
    Pogus CD 21076-2

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    CAUTION: Listening to POGUS CD's may cause you to become one with the universe (or at least your immediate environment)
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