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True Age Media - GRINDSTONE REDUX (Zzaj Productions)::

Grindstone Redux - The DocumentaryOur long-time pal Al Margolis sent a copy of this DVD created and assembled by Andrew Szava-Kovats... Excellent production, well recorded documentary views and opinions expressed by many of the artists who were central to getting the whole "underground home-taping" thing recognized as a (sort of) "movement"... folks that I know (& still correspond with fairly often) like Charles Rice Goff, Don Campau, Chris Phinney & Al Margolis, as well as others whose names I knew from the 'zines they all talk about as having helped promote the scene (Factsheet Five, Option, Sound Choice, etc.)... Jeff Chenault, Randy Greif, Mark Lane & Andrew himself. It's a full-scale 60 minute production jam-packed with pleasant mem'ries for the 100's (perhaps even 1000's) of us who were producing our own (D.I.Y.) music during those years... focus was mostly on the '70's, '80's & early '90's... emphasizing the years before the Internet and advanced digital technologies made it so much easier for folks (including many of us) to distribute our own music on much broader scales. The very next thing I hope to see from Szava-Kovats is a "sequel" that moves on into the digital age & aspects of home-producers... not so much from the standpoint of helping to "promote" any individual artist or label, but to make sure posterity knows that the "network" "Redux" talks about is still most "alive & well"! This is a SUPERB video experience, & I look for a lot more to come! I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as well as the "PICK" of the year for "most informative and entertaining DVD"! - Rotcod Zzaj

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