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Feature ArticleFlies in the Face of Logic - New England Performer - Debbie Catalano, May 1995::

Nick Didkovsky, Steve MacLean, and C.W. Vrtacek - Flies In the Face of Logic introduce a recording that goes beyond the word eclectic. In a pure experimental free-for-all on the piano, each musician shares their respective results in titled pieces that range in length from 4 seconds to 5 minutes, 26 seconds. Though absolutely not something you'd hear on commercial, mainstream radio, I found the entire collection fascinating, ear-opening, and creative. Words that come to mind when hearing the pieces go anywhere from beautiful to bizarre and all in between. To describe this best, I'll share portions of their explanation found on the back of the CD -- "None of us play piano. This is a common obstacle we shared, took advantage of, and each dealt with in our way to make this music. Some of these pieces were created using custom software, some used sequencers to record and layer live electronic performances of prepared piano samples, and one piece used a video game controller to command the hands of a virtual piano player. We open the CD by dropping a piano on the face of traditions and expectations, and we dedicate the 22 remaining tracks to reconstruction." For a different, bordering on the quirky musical experience, pick this up.
New England Performer, Debbie Catalano, May 1995
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