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Leo Kupper - Electro Acoustic - Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation #27:: Feature Article

David Dunn - Four Electro-acoustic Compositions This CD is pure aural pleasure. The Santur sounds (something) like a Chinese chen (or perhaps a Korean Kay-a-gum), but it has (a bit) more body. Kupper composes with high merit, leading the listener on a trek that won't soon be forgotten. You must be focussed on LISTENING, or you'll religate it (incorrectly) to the "background" stack (you know, the stuff ya' play at th' parties when yer' grabbin' th' first toke). It does NOT belong there! A great part of the uniqueness of this music is the electronic background (under the Santur); only criticism is that I couldn't determine (from the liners) if it was Leo playing those, or someone else... matters not a whit.. whoEVER is doing them understands the (TOTAL) balance that's necessary in such a (musical) situation! This is music that will last well into the 23rd century! GRAND... enveloping....

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