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Al Margolis  
Composer, Musician, Raconteur
  • Received Meet the Composer grant for performance at Generator in N.Y.C., 1989
  • Included on Tellus Compilation # 13
  • Received write-ups and reviews in The New York Times, Keyboard, The Wire, The Village Voice and New York Press among others
  • Founded Sound of Pig Music in 1984, a cassette only label with over 300 releases
  • Co-founded Pogus Productions in 1989, a record/CD label with releases by AMM, Rune Lindblad, Robert Rutman, Morphogenesis, Pauline Oliveros, David Rosenboom, Kenneth Gaburo, Ross Bolleter, among others
  • Composed music for one soundtrack and contributed music for two other films by Lorraine Lamas
  • Participated in French - U.S. simultaneous live music broadcast on WNYC-FM
  • Toured the United States, Canada and U.K. with various projects including If, Bwana, Styrene's, and Bwana Dog, among others.
IF, Bwana
Freudian Slip (C60) SOP
Sex, Insanity, Death (C60) SOP
Death To The Oppressors (C45) SOP
Beware The Sleeping Squid (C60) SOP
Organ Life (C60) SOP
Horns And Hardart (C60) SOP
Cache La Poudre (C90) SOP
Fun With Fish (C60) Audiofile Tapes
Radio Slaves (C60) Medicinal
Wah Yu Wan (LP) Generations Unlimited
33 Birds (CD) Pogus Productions
Breathing (CD) Pogus Productions
Tripping India (CD) Pogus Productions
Clara Nostra (CD) Pogus Productions
I, Angelica Pogus Productions
The Bwana All – Stars Godfather Revue (C90) Harsh Reality
I Stole The Title Of This Tape ... (C60) EP
IF, Bwana Collaborations
Sound Of Zidpigtones Silk Sows Suffering Symbolic Situations (C30) SOP
As If(Squared)Bwana Damp (C90) SOP
As If Bwana Tu (C60) SOP
Adam Bohman/If,Bwana A Graceful And Ancient Art (C60) SOP
A. Bohman/If,Bwana Picassos Chicken (C60) SOP
Bwana Frolic & Friends (C60) SOP
Big Bwana Parts ( If,Bwana-Big Body Parts) – Life Is Hard (C60) SOP
If, Bwana/Xtsw R.Ism V.1 (CD) Anckarstrom
Xtsw/If,Bwana Reaper (C46) Irre-Tapes
Minoy/If, Bwana Bwannoy (C46) Antebellum
Bwana/Hudak Energy Plan X (C60) Kurzhen Sound
Bwana/Bolt Naked For The World To See (C60) Harsh Reality
If,Bwana/Nomuzic Whee Whopee Wow (C60) Audiofile/SOP
If, Bwana/Enstruction Synthesis(C60) SOP
If,Bwana/Dave Prescott & Electro Static Cat Altar (C60) Freedom In A Vacuum
David Prescott/Al Margolis, Duets For Bass & Cello (C 60) Audiofile
Goldberg/Margolis/ Prescott Gmp (C 60) SOP
Tom Hamilton/Mike Silverton/Al Margolis - Analogue Smoque Pogus
Sombrero Galaxy
Sombrero Galaxy (C60) SOP
Funktual Intercourse (C60) SOP
Thick Slimy Whisper  
Live At Fashion Moda (C60 ) SOP
Easy Listening For Afternoon Tea (C60) SOP
Bridge (C60) SOP
Radio One (C60) SOP
Tunnel (C90) SOP
West (C90) Freedom in a Vacuum
BWANADOG (If,Bwana & Dog As Master)
Untranslatable (C46) Cause And Effect
An Organized Accident (C60) SOP
Symbolic Accidents Of Ceremony (C30) Cause And Effect/SOP
Sacrifice Of Reason (C60 ) John Doe Recordings
Painting (C90 ) Cause And Effect/SOP
Joint Venture (C60) Harsh Reality
Peat (C60) Electronic Cottage
War Is The Health Of The State SOP
Carnival SOP
Slave Ant Raid SOP
The Architecture Of The Incidental (CD) GD Stereo
Psychogeophical Dip (CD) GD Stereo
Cleveland...So Much To Answer For CD Issued With CLE Magazine 4.0
Music From .A Dead Campus (CD) WFMU
Tape A Break (CD) Rund Um Den Watzmann Ave
The R E R Quarterly Volume 4 Number 1 (CD) RER Records
The Styrenes
We Care So You Don’t Have To (CD) A Scat Record
And Every Year, Christmas (CD) Atta Disc
In C Enja
It's Still Artastic Roir
Alien Planetscapes - Space Rock '88 (C60) SOP
Fruit Bat Savvy (C60) SOP
Angwana – Sounds For Happy Muthas! (C60) SOP
Bwanastones The Lamed Wufniks (C30) Zidsic
The All New Rad Sounds Of Pigshit In Your Ears (C30) SOP
Angwana Slither (C60) Electronic Cottage
Bwana Frolic & Friends Wilding... You Make My Swamp Thing (C46) Audiofile
Thick Slimy Whisper/Qwa Digs Never Parish - Teenage Pop Songs (C90) SOP
Johnson Forest Tendency - Music For The End Of The World (C90) SOP
World Random Manifestation Unit (C60)  
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