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Crawling With Tarts - Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies/ Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7 (Touching Extremes)::

Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies/ Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7 - Crawling With TartsI had a hard time trying to remember a more devastating composition than "Grand surface noise opera nr.7", an incredibly fastidious delirium of cross-eyed muzak including highlights such as "Cielito lindo" and "Stille nacht", vinyl crackle, language lessons and long minutes of dissonant clangour. The evil pleasure of submitting your family members and pets to this overwhelming dissonant disaster made of sinister radio/TV voices, skipping records and autistic melodies a la Moondog on dope is repaid by a sudden realization of being totally out of your mind when you discover that you are actually enjoying the process. A conceptual effort which will divide audiences in the classic love/hate dichotomy, but at the same time a great text/music opus that only Pogus could release these days. Still difficult, if a little easier on the ears, "Ochre land, blue blue skies" is mostly grounded on Michael Gendreau's self-built motorized gizmos producing a vast range of aural stimulation: small percussive noises and hissing circles coalesce into bigger mechanical jangling and faraway metallic breaths similar to wrecked trains going down an invisible ravine. Then you wake up and watch your alarm clock's springs covered with grease. - Massimo Ricci

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