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Feature ArticleBig City Orchestra-Greatest Hits & Test Tones - Contemporary Vital Underground#34, Franz de Ward, March 1994::

The third CD by one of the most interesting conceptual bands. They re-recorded test tones that were fed through prepared speakers. The resonances they produced are documented on this CD. There are some 25 of these sounds, plus 4 pieces that were mixed by people like John Duncan and Monte Cazzazza into peices of music. These test tones can be regarded as another set of B.C.O.'s sound effects (which are present on each CD). The strange thing is (again, just as on Beatlerape) that all pieces, including their 5 greatest hits, are not clearly indexed, so it's a lot like a big puzzle. From the CDs so far, this one is the most conceptual, the most industrial (in terms of noize) and probably the most intriguing.


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